Introduction of Umoja na Upendo Community


Who we are

Umoja na Upendo community is a nonprofit organization that supports the community,
it started by the German volunteer Manuel Isabo together with his fiancé Grace Kiluwa
and they were supporting women, men, youth, and children.

The support was for food and healthcare for families and education for kids,
capital for women and men, and also a shelter for those who cannot afford to rent houses.

Manuel and Grace started this work in 2010 and when it was 2015 Manuel passed, on the car accident.

We decided to proceed with what they have started because we have the call for it
and now we are looking for donors so that we can be able to proceed to support the kids
who are in school and other people who need the help as there many more out of
the organization needs our help but because of a shortage of funds, we cannot help them.

What we do

Umoja na Upendo Community has succeeded to support women
with cake making and soap making projects and capital so those women started to
depend on themselves and are able to support their children in small needs for school materials.

Also, Umoja na Upendo Community has succeeded to pay for school fees
and buy school stuff for 27 children up to this year as we have started with nine children
in primary school and now we have the children in primary school, secondary school,
and other few in college. We have increased the number of children who need to
be supported through the ward office there are kids who are in food insecurity because of the family situation.

Umoja na Upendo succeeded to help psychologically through counseling and follow up on the families
which the parents are in fights because of alcohol and lifestyle series
which affects children and women, though the father is also the victim as he is the one who hurt others,
as poverty cause, all the troubles but the one who is affected the most is the child.
So through counseling, the husband stays home with the family and gets the capital
they start a small business and the kids are comfortable and enjoy the school and homestays too.

Umoja na Upendo succeeds to buy a plot for building the office
and the house for the people who are violated from their families
and seek shelter on the time waiting for solving their family fight.
But for now, we are working on the single room which is only for the office.

Umoja na Upendo is looking for donors who may support the kids
in primary and secondary education which for one kid in primary it cost 200,000Tsh for health
and educational purpose for the whole year, and 250,000Tsh for the secondary education
and health care for the whole year, the primary education takes seven years
while secondary education takes four years, and college varies between one year to four years.
But also there are kids who didn’t go to college they decide to go for vocational training
which also may take one year and the other takes two years.

For the future

And now we are going to welcome in more kids for the social art project
which we find necessary for the kids because they will get healed psychologically
because withdrawing it helps the person to bring out what bothering,
what makes biter and all the feelings, another thing all the poor kids cannot afford the drawings materials
but they also like to do drawings so with this project their kids will open their heart and feel cared.
And they will get to know that they are also part of the art community, so we hope that many kids will get healed.

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